Petri-Foo is a fork of the Specimen sampler project. Specimen was originally developed by Pete Bessman[1]. Petri-Foo was forked from Specimen SVN revision 89 by James Morris in February of 2011.


Petri-Foo main window showing sample tab
Petri-Foo Sample editor window
Petri-Foo main window showing filter tab


The current release is petri-foo-0.1.87.tar.bz2 released on 6th August 2012. This is a bug-fix release and is the recommended version for most users.

The git version of Petri-Foo is the recommended version for those interested in helping development of Petri-Foo along by testing, debugging, contributing ideas, suggestions, documentation, or hacking, coding, or forking. If this is you then please join the mailing list.


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Petri-Foo is a fork of the Specimen Sampler project. Specimen was 
originally developed by Pete Bessman. See the AUTHORS file for
the list of other authors who've made contributions.

Petri-Foo is forked and developed by James Morris (Feb 2011 +),
with recent code contributions by Brendan Jones (July 2011 +).

Differences, additions and improvements over Specimen

  * Default patch with saw-wave sample.
  * Raw/Headerless sample file loading.
  * JACK session support.
  * Non Session Manager support with switch functionality.
  * 'Full Save' for archiving patch banks and the samples each patch uses.
  * Auto-Preview samples within the file selector.
  * User-interface updated to contemporary GTK2 standards.
  * Improved waveform rendering.
  * Improved visual indication of play and loop selections.
  * Play and loop point navigation.
  * Improved waveform zooming, and addition of mouse-wheel zooming.
  * Fading and X-Fading of sample.
  * Improved MIDI CC handling.
  * User-configurable modulation routing of ADSR, LFO, and MIDI CC.
  * Keyboard tracking, and inverted keyboard tracking.
  * Overall ADSR time scalable by keyboard tracking.
  * Per-patch velocity range.
  * Invertible velocity sensing.
  * Amplitude modulation of LFO output.
  * Removal of deprecated code, and customized PHAT library
    for an improved life-span.
  * Last-used directory recall.
  * Shift/Control + Left-Mouse-Click for increased slider precision.
  * JACK Audio output only, ALSA audio output removed[2].
  * Removed LASH support.


[1] See the AUTHORS file for the list of other authors who've made contributions to Specimen.
[2] Although ALSA audio output has been removed, ALSA MIDI support is still in place.